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 Posted on August 06, 2016
Page sets for more Optem zoom systems are still in preparation. Currently listed are Zoom 70XL, 125C, 160, FMOS, MVZL pages. These are quite complete. Let us know if you find a part missing and we will add it.
If you need immediate information on specifications / pricing of parts not listed yet or assistance with your project then please contact us by email or toll free, see footer at bottom for contact info.
Optem offers a wide range of Optical Systems for inspection and testing.
Simplicity in Design... Reliability in the Field
Optem Retro Zoom 65
The Optem® RetroZoom 65 Optical System combines zoom, function and illumination options into one compact zoom core. Coupled with its parallel performance with competitive lenses, this design assures seamless integration, comparable space requirements and streamlined ordering and inventory. Not any more in August 2016 pricelist...

Optomechanical Reliability and Guaranteed Stamina
Optem Zoom 70XL
The Zoom 70XL is specifically designed to stand up to the grueling conditions associated with today’s high-repetition automated vision and inspection applications. Delivering a 7:1 zoom ratio and a magnification range of 0.75X – 5.25X, the Zoom 70XL translates to dependable, high-quality optical performance at an affordable price.
“XL” Stands For Xtended Life

Extended Zoom Range and Modular Flexibility
Optem Zoom 125C
The Zoom 125C delivers improved optical performance over it’s Zoom 70XL predecessor, while maintaining the same modular flexibility that makes Optem® Zoom Systems a reliable cornerstone for thousands of research professionals and OEM engineers worldwide.
The Optical Muscle of a Research Microscope…
Optem Zoom 160
...and the versatility of an Optem® Zoom. When resolving the finest details of your subject is mission critical to your application, but the operation of a conventional research microscope is too cumbersome, the Optem® Zoom 160 Optical System is the perfect solution.
Not any more in August 2016 pricelist
Setting the New Standard in Metrological Accuracy
Optem® Telecentric Zoom 100 System
In anticipation of the increasing precision requirements of metrology and quality assurance in the high-tech manufacturing and R&D realms, Qioptiq Imaging Solutions has developed a patented 10:1 Zoom Optical System that delivers telecentric imaging with less than 0.1% distortion across the entire zoom range. Not yet completed...
Optomechanical Reliability and Guaranteed Stamina
Optem® Fixed Magnification Optical System
In the evolution of Optem® Optical Systems, it became readily apparent that there is a significant demand for applications similar in optical requirements to those utilizing Optem® Zooms, but for reasons of cost, stability, or just plain simplicity, a Zoom System is overkill.
The Optem® NIR Zoom 70XL Optical System
NIR Zoom 70XL Optical System
is specifically designed to meet the machine vision, inspection and R&D needs of specialized near-infrared imaging applications.
Chromatically corrected for optimal performance across the 630 – 2000nm spectral band, the NIR Zoom 70XL incorporates a revolutionary anti-reflection coating for increased transmission and exceptional image quality and contrast.
No NIR 70XL parts available, discontinued. For zoom modules with NIR support see these pages Zoom12X and Z6000.
The 6:1 Optem® Macro-Video Zoom Lens (MVZL)
6:1 Optem® Macro-Video Zoom Lens (MVZL)
is an economical solution for quick and easy parfocal zoom video inspection. Designed to be connected directly to any C-mount video camera, the MVZL covers broad fields-of-view at working distances from 5.5" out to infinity.
The MVZL offers a unique "close-up" attachment that allows working distance as close as 5.5 – 11 inches. When the "close-up" lens is removed, the Optem MVZL will function from 11" out to infinity.
Optem 10X High Resolution objectiveHere is Optem’s line of Mitutoyo compatible LWD objectives for use with their Zoom Systems or other industrial scopes.
A must-have objective if you need high NA at relatively low magnification, typical for many zoom applications. These High Resolution objectives are very attractive from both performance and pricing viewpoint.
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