LWD Objectives for use with Ultra Zoom
 Posted on May 27, 2012
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Motic 10X ELWD objectiveLWD Objectives – For higher magnification you can use LWD objectives when using  Navitar Ultra Zoom modules. Shown at left is a Motic 10X ELWD objective.
For best resolution at high magnification you might want to consider Optem’s line of high NA objectives. These were created specifically for the Azoom line of probe station microscopes. For example at 20X NA is 0.60, better than many 50X and 100X LWD objectives. The high NA line is not APO.
If cost is important then a much lower cost DIN objective will deliver good performance, albeit at less working distance.
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Part # / Price
M Plan APO 100X NA 0.70 WD 6 mm objective
DIN Achromat Plan Objective 4X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.1, WD 29.4 mm
OTSPI4W29N1 CAD62  US$59
DIN Achromat Plan Objective 10X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.25, WD 16.0 mm
OTSPI10W16N2 5 CAD104 US$99
DIN Achromat Plan Objective 20X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.40, WD 10.5 mm
OTSPI20W10N4 0Z CAD177  US$169
DIN Achromat Plan Objective 40X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.60, WD 5.4 mm
OTSPI40W10N6 0Z CAD230  US$219
DIN Achromat Plan Objective 50X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.55, WD 5.1 mm
OTSPI50W5N55 Z CAD313 US$298
DIN Achromat Plan Objective 60X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.65, WD 7.01 mm
OTSPI50W7N65 Z CAD313 US$298
Brightfield objectives, Plan Infinity, 200 mm tube lens, Zero cover glass correction
DIN Achromat Plan Objective 4X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, WD 17.416 mm, NA 0.10,
DIN Achromat Plan Objective 10X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, WD 16.290 mm, NA 0.25,
ONYPI10W16N2 5Z CAD128  US$122
Mitutoyo Mplan APO Long Working Distance
M Plan APO 2X NA 0.055 WD 34 mm objective
378-801    CAD857 US$816
M Plan APO 5X NA 0.14 WD 34 mm objective
378-802    CAD859 US$818
M Plan APO 7.5X NA 0.21 WD 35 mm objective
378-802-7    CAD1212  US$1154
M Plan APO 10X NA 0.28 WD 33.5 mm objective
378-803    CAD804 US$766
M Plan APO 20X NA 0.42 WD 20 mm objective
378-804    CAD1888  US$1798
M Plan APO 50X NA 0.55 WD 13 mm objective
378-805    CAD2464  US$2347
Mitutoyo Mplan APO Super Long Working Distance
M Plan APO SL 20X NA 0.28 WD 30.5mm objective
378-810    CAD2841  US$2706
M Plan APO SL 50X WD 20.5mm objective
378-811    CAD3110  US$2962
Mitutoyo Mplan APO High Resolution Brightfield objectives
M Plan APO HR 10X NA 0.42 WD 15 mm objective
378-788    CAD7452  US$7097
M Plan APO HR 50X NA 0.75 WD 5.2 mm objective
378-814    CAD5235  US$4986
Lower Cost Long Working Distance objectives
Plan APO 2x NA=0.055 WD=34.6 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHSL02    CAD435 US$414
Plan APO 5x NA=0.13 WD=44.5 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHSL05    CAD399 US$380
Plan APO 10x NA=0.28 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHSL10    CAD763 US$727
Plan APO 20x NA=0.29 WD=31 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHSL20    CAD1087  US$1035
M Plan APO 50x NA=0.42 WD=20.5 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHSL50    CAD1309  US$1247
Motic Plan Apochromat ELWD standard objectives
Plan APO ELWD 2x NA=0.055 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S102C3     CAD607 US$578
Plan APO ELWD 5x NA=0.140 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S162C3     CAD512 US$488
Plan APO ELWD 10x NA=0.280 WD=33.5 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S022C3     CAD600 US$571
Plan APO ELWD 20x NA=0.420 WD=20 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S032C3     CAD1270  US$1210
Plan APO ELWD 50x NA=0.550 WD=13 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S122C3     CAD1721  US$1639
Motic Plan Apochromat ULWD objectives
Plan APO ULWD 50x NA=0.420 WD=20.5 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S122C5     CAD2378  US$2265
Optem Plan Apochromat objectives
Part #
Optem® M-Plan APO 2X NA=0.055 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
28-21-02-000   CAD775  US$738
Optem® M-Plan APO 5x NA=0.140 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
28-21-05-000   CAD600  US$571
Optem® M-Plan APO 10x NA=0.30 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
28-21-10-000   CAD650  US$619
Optem® M-Plan APO 20x NA=0.42 WD=20 mm Metallurgical objective
28-21-11-000   CAD1749 US$1666
Optem High Resolution objectives
Part #
Optem® LWD High Resolution 5x NA=0.225 WD=34 mm High Resolution Metallurgical objective
28-20-44-000   CAD1283 US$1222
Optem® LWD High Resolution 10x NA=0.45 WD=19 mm High Resolution Metallurgical objective
28-20-45-000   CAD1604 US$1528
Optem® LWD High Resolution 20x NA=0.60 WD=13 mm High Resolution Metallurgical objective
28-20-46-000   CAD1983 US$1889
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