LWD Objectives for NIR range
 Posted on May 27, 2012
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Low cost 20X NIR objectiveNIR Objectives – For higher magnification than available with auxiliary lenses you can use NIR objectives when using Navitar Ultra Zoom NIR modules. Shown at left is a low cost 20X NIR objective with Super Long working distance.
In addition to Mitutoyo’s well known NIR line we are offering alternatives from other manufacturers.
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Part # / Price
Mitutoyo Mplan APO NIR objectives
M Plan APO 5X NA 0.14 WD 37.5mm NIR objective
378-822    CAD1470  US$1400
M Plan APO 10X NA 0.26 WD 30.5mm NIR objective
378-823    CAD1689  US$1609
M Plan APO 20X NA 0.40 WD 20.0mm NIR objective
378-824    CAD3020  US$2876
M Plan APO 50X NA 0.42WD 17.0mm NIR objective
378-825    CAD3716  US$3539
Mitutoyo Mplan APO NIR HR objectives
M Plan APO 50X WD 10.0 mm NIR HR objective
378-863    CAD8216  US$7825
Long Working Distance objectives, NIR transmissive
M Plan APO 2x NA=0.06 WD=35.6 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OD14702    CAD982 US$935
M Plan APO 5x NA=0.14 WD=35 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OD14705    CAD703 US$670
M Plan APO 10x NA=0.28 WD=35 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OD14710    CAD827 US$788
M Plan APO 20x NA=0.42 WD=20.2 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OD14720    CAD1813  US$1727
M Plan APO 50x NA=0.55 WD=13.1 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OD14750    CAD2627  US$2502
Lower Cost LWD NIR objectives
Plan APO 10x NA=0.28 WD=34 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OKHNL10    CAD834 US$794
Plan APO 20x NA=0.29 WD=31 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OKHNL20    CAD1158  US$1103
M Plan APO 50x NA=0.42 WD=20.5 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OKHNL50    CAD1453  US$1384
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