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NIR Zoom70XL

 Posted on 5/15/2014


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The NIR version of the Zoom 70XL seems to be out of manufacturing. But we can supply Navitar Zoom 6000 and Zoom12X versions for use in the NIR range.

Optem NIR Zoom 70XL Optical SystemOptem Retrozoom 65 Optical System
The Optem® NIR Zoom 70XL Optical System
is specifically designed to meet the machine vision, inspection and R&D needs of specialized near-infrared imaging applications.

Chromatically corrected for optimal performance across the 630 – 2000nm spectral band, the NIR Zoom 70XL incorporates a revolutionary anti-reflection coating for increased transmission and exceptional image quality and contrast. The advanced optical design maintains parfocality and delivers 0.024 – 0.80 nominal NA across the entire zoom range.

With a 7:1 zoom ratio, and a magnification range of 0.75X – 5.25X, the NIR Zoom 70XL provides dependable, high-quality optics at an affordable price.

Extreme durability makes the NIR Zoom 70XL ideal for automated applications. Thales Optem guarantees a minimum of 250,000 cycles without mechanical failure!

From semiconductors to telecommunications… from forensics to pharmaceuticals… the NIR Zoom 70XL delivers superior optical performance to OEMs and researchers for specialized applications including

  • Backside Photomask registration
  • Photoemmision microscopy
  • Laser diode inspection
  • Analysis of silicon structures
  • SOI Bond inspection
  • Fiber alignment
  • Backside silicon thin section viewing
  • Counterfeit and forgery detection

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