Macro Video Zoom Lens
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 Posted on August 12, 2016
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Quick and Easy Parfocal Video Zoom Inspection
ThMacro Video Zoom Lens Optical Systeme 6:1 Optem® Macro-Video Zoom Lens (MVZL)
is an economical solution for quick and easy parfocal zoom video inspection. Designed to be connected directly to any C-mount video camera, the MVZL covers broad fields-of-view at working distances from 5.5" out to infinity.
The MVZL offers a unique "close-up" attachment that allows working distance as close as 5.5 – 11 inches. When the "close-up" lens is removed, the Optem MVZL will function from 11" out to infinity.

Qioptiq Imaging Solutions currently offers a complete line of high-magnification Zoom Optical Systems providing the utmost in modularity, flexibility, and imaging precision. There are however, specific applications that demand larger fields-of-view, and the Macro Video Zoom Lens delivers just that…and more:
  • Parfocality – Maintain focus throughout the entire zoom range.
  • Longer Working Distances – View a variety of specimens from 5.5 inches out through infinity.
  • Magnification – With "close-up" lens = 1.0X - 0.066X. Without "close-up" lens = 0.47X - 0.084X
  • Compatibility – Works with virtually all single chip, C-Mount video cameras. 2/3” camera format or smaller recommended.
    Navitar offers not only one but a range of Macro Video Zoom Lenses, depending on your appliction one of them might be a better match.
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Optem Macro Video Zoom Lens 6:1
Macro Video Zoom Lens 6:1
OQO341110    CAD704 US$529
Macro Video Zoom Lens 6:1
OQO341110R     CAD438 US$329
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