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Meiji Techno FU1000 based kits

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 Posted on 7/9/09


Meiji Techno FU1000 focus block based micoscope schemeMeiji Techno FU based kits can be supplied with different style nosepieces.

The standard nosepieces coming with these focus blocks are designed for DIN objectives only. Consequently they are quite small in diameter. When used with larger diamater Mitutoyo style objectives only 2 of them will fit simultaneously.
Currently there are 2 additional options:

  • 26 mm Mitutoyo threading
  • RMS threading with centering

Standard DIN nosepieces have 4 or 5 positions.
Iimage below shows the quintuple nosepiece coming with the FU1000 focus block, outside diameter 71 mm..

Quadruple RMS threaded nosepiece with centering, outside diameter 83 mm.. Because of larger diameter all positions can be filled with Mitutoyo style objectives.

Option with larger nosepiece, outside diameter 110 mm, and Mitutoyo threading (26 mm), allows to install up to 5 Mitutoyo or workalike objectives.

FU focus block with quintuple DIN nosepiece

FU focus block with quadruple DIN nosepiece with centering

FU focus block with quintuple Mitutoyo threaded nosepiece

Quadruple DIN nosepiece with two Mitutoyo workalike objectives

Quadruple DIN nosepiece with centering, four Mitutoyo threaded objectives with adapters

Quintuple Mitutoyo threaded nosepiece, two Mitutoyo workalike objectives installed

You can use all positions only when using DIN form factor objectives . Because of much larger diameter only 2 positions can be used with Mitutoyo or workalike objectives

Above image shows installation of Mitutoyo workalike objectives using our adapters.
Red arrows point to detachable centering keys. .

You can use original Mitutoyo or lower cost workalike objectives, for even more savings.

Objectives with RMS threading can be used directly. That includes all DIN objectives from Meiji Techno and numerous other suppliers. Also, some of our Mitutoyo workalike objectives come with DIN threading and fit right in after removing the supplied 26 mm adapter.
With the help of special
RMS to Mitutoyo adapters you can use original Mitutoyo or workalike objectives with 26 mm threads.

DIN objectives can be used with a Mitutoyo to RMS adapter, see bottom of page.
When mixing DIN and Mitutoyo objectives you will need a special extension adapter to keep objectives parfocal.

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