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FU3050 focus block with darkfield option

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 Posted on March 26, 2014


FU-3050 focus blockMeiji Techno offers with the FU3050 series focus blocks an attractive way to build a custom microscope.
Image shows mounting for optional Z-axis micrometer and bracket for 38 mm pole mount.
Designed for Brightfield / Darkfield standard infinity corrected  EPI metallurgical objectives, the quintuple nosepiece accomodates five of them. With Mitutoyo style objectives, because of the larger diameter, only two will fit simultaneously. An adapter overcomes this problem and allows to fill all positions with Mitutoyo or workalike objectives.
Focus block can be mounted on a wide variety of boom or pole stands (38 or 20 mm dia) or simply Dimensional drawing of FU-3050 focus blockbe bolted on to any vertical plane that accommodates the bolt pattern. That allows mounting virtually everywhere. Drawing at right is available in PDF format or can be viewed
here in a larger format.
Total focus travel is 30mm with coarse and fine adjustment. Binocular or trinocular viewing heads for photo and video applications with erect and non-erect image and a low cost monocular head are available. Vertical Koehler illumination with halogen or fiber optic light sources, a range of eyepieces and stands give you lots of options.
Plan Epi Objective BD 100X, N.A. 0.90. W.D. 0.37 mm, F.N. 22
Darkfield illumination is supported using Plan Epi Objectives with illumination channel surrounding the core and a vertical Koehler illuminator (MA993) switchable between bright- and darkfield operation. EPI objective shown is part MA989: BD 100X, N.A. 0.90. W.D. 0.37 mm, F.N. 22.
5X, 10X, 20X 50X versions are available as well.

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Part # / Price

Coaxial BF/DF Focus Block with quintuple nosepiece, 26 mm threading, mounting bracket for 38 mm pole

FU-3050    CAD1081  US$949

Coaxial BF/DF Focus Block with quadruple nosepiece, 26 mm threading, mounting bracket for 38 mm pole

FU-3054    CAD1081  US$949

Bracket with clamping function allows mounting of FU3050  focus block on 38 mm post

MAC-11#2-38    CAD389 US$342

Mounting pole in 38 mm diameter for FU3050 range focus blocks

MAC-11#3     CAD344 US$302

Safety clamp for 38 mm diameter pole

OS-QRSC/15     CAD27  US$24

Heavy duty stand with pillar and mounting bracket for FU3050

MAC-11F3     CAD1615  US$1418

Adapter to convert FU3050 mounting pattern to Mitutoyo mounting

FU30M    CAD225 US$198

Adapter to allow installation of more than 2 Mitutoyo style objectives on quintuple nosepieces

OKMMC    CAD56  US$49

Adapter set (5) to allow installation of Mitutoyo style objectives into all positions on quintuple nosepieces

OKMMC5     CAD165  US$145

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