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Meiji FU1000 Focus Block based

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 Posted on 7/9/09


Meiji Techno FU1000 focus blockMeiji Techno offers with the FU1000 series focus blocks an attractive way to build a custom microscope.
DIN Standard infinity corrected metallurgical objectives fit into its quintuple nosepiece. A quadruple nosepiece is also available.
This compound optics focus block can mount on a wide variety of boom or pole stands or simply be bolted on to any vertical plate accommodating the bolt pattern. That allows mounting virtually everywhere. Total focus travel is 40mm. Binocular or trinocular viewing heads for photo and video applications with erect and non-erect image and a low cost monocular head are available. Vertical Koehler illumination wHow to build a custom microscope with Meiji Techno FU1000 focus blockith halogen or fiber optic light sources, a range of eyepieces and stands or direct mounting onto vertical surfaces give you lots of options.
Meiji Techno MA921 LWD objectiveYou can use DIN Standard objectives from Meiji and other suppliers. Meijiís metallurgical objectives include a 50X version with
8 mm working distance.
Or you could use - with the help of an
adapter - original Mitutoyo or workalike objectives with even more working distance.

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