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Industrial Microscopes

 Posted on November 13, 2010


Industrial microscopes are used by manufacturers of test and repair equipment to create a custom scope. The focus block allows direct attachment and seemless integration with the OEM product. Adaptability to a wide range of operational demands is most important. One popular application is for probe stations in wafer testing and repair.
Stereo zoom scopes offer plenty of working distance at low magnifications and are quite cost efficient. But beyond 150X discrete objectives and very high quality illumination are needed.  Frequently the scope needs to support additional sometimes quite heavy add-ons. Consequently a strong focus block is most important!

Mitutoyo’s Finescope line is an industry standard for long working distance industrial scopes. The many different versions cover almost all possible applications and work in combination with their world renowned APO objectives .

MOTIC offers with the PSM-1000 a rugged and extremely versatile scope for applications in the 1 µm range.  Changeover from viewing to laser work is quick and easy.

Meiji Techno offers with the FU1000 series focus blocks a way to build a custom microscope based on ML7000 metallurgical scope parts. Various binocular or trinocular heads with erect or non-erect image, illumination options and accessories supply lots of options. The nosepiece allows direct installation of objectives with DIN threading. For 26 mm Mitutoyo style objectives you will need an adapter.

Zoom Scope with 6.5X Zoom range based on the same FU1000 based focus block, combined with an Unimac Zoom module. The result is a low cost but very scalable scope with a wide magnification range.

Navitar offers high magnification zoom systems for inspection and testing.

Optem® Modular Zoom Systems allow you to build a customized vision system for inspection and testing.

Cost efficient Zoom System with 12:1 zoom ratio and accessories.

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