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Fixed Magnification Optical System

 Posted on 7/9/09


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Optem Zoom 70XL Optical SystemKeeping an eye firmly fixed on simplicity and economy
Optomechanical Reliability and Guaranteed Stamina
In the evolution of Optem® Optical Systems, it became readily apparent that there is a significant demand for applications similar in optical requirements to those utilizing Optem® Zooms, but for reasons of cost, stability, or just plain simplicity, a Zoom System is overkill.

Hence the Optem® FMOS (Fixed-Magnification Optical System). A series of upper and lower lens modules which, when combined in various configurations, yield a variety of static working distances and magnifications at the image plane of your video camera.

The lower lenses may be in a plain mount or embedded into a version of the lower modules from our Optem® Zoom 70XL System to provide coaxial illumination, internal focus, or a means of utilizing infinity-corrected microscope objectives.

The recent expansion of the line uses a special adapter for coupling Optem Zoom 125C lower modules to the upper tubes. This provides FMOS with larger illuminated fields, polarized light capabilities, as well as various degrees of motorized focus.

Optem LWD objectives with Long Working Distance, High Resolution too!Here is Optem’s line of LWD objectives for use on their ZOOM Optical Systems or other industrial scopes. Also, these are exact replacements for Mitutoyo’s 378-80X line.
Please take look at their High Resolution objectives, they are very attractive from both a performance and pricing viewpoint.

Pricing and availability reflect the latest pricelist, received  on 3/31/09.

Please contact us with any questions.

System diagram shows all available modules and how they relate to each other, complete with opto-mechanical, illumination and power / control path.
Performance Matrix shows working distance, field of view with differemt camera sensor sizes, vignetting problems, and more, for available part combinations.

System Diagram in new window, allowing you to switch back and forth to other parts while putting your system together.
Likewise Performance Matrix in new window.

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