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 Posted on October 11, 2014




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MitutoyoMitutoyo Finescope FS70 Inustrial Scope’s FS70 is an industrial microscope for inspection, testing, laser repair and ablation.
Three main body types cover most applications:
FS70Z - Main Body (Non-Laser) with 1X-2X Zoom Magnification Changer
FS70L - Main Body 1X for Three YAG Laser Wave lengths 1064/532/355nm*
FS70L4 - Main Body 1X for Two Wave Length Ranges 532/266nm*
Trinocular erect image heads are optionally available with tilting ergonomic  eyetubes. For Non-Laser bodies light distribution is balanced between both eyetubes and trinocular tube (50:50). The Laser versions supply 100% to either the eyetubes or the trinocular tube.
Other features:
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Option for Nonlaser Configurations
Reverse 4X Nosepiece, optional Motorized 4X Centerable Nosepiece available
Concentric Coarse and Fine Focus –0.1mm Rev /Fine Focus

Mitutoyo Infinity Corrected Optics
Siedentopf Design Trinocular Body Tube
Widefield (FN=24) 10x Eyepieces

Complementing the Finescope is a rich selection of Mitutoyo’s world renowned brightfield objectives with magnifications ranging from 1X to 200X and long and extra long working distance. Add to that LWD objectives for IR, NIR, UV and NUV work and almost all applications are covered!

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