Zoom 70XL Upper Module
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 Posted on 8/5/2016
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Zoom 70XL Upper Function ModulesUpper Zoom Modules contain the core zoom lens optomechanics of your Zoom 70XL.
The Upper Zoom Module option you select will determine the specific zoom function of your system.
Available are Manual, Detented, and DC or Stepper motorized modules, all with or without Iris.
Manual Zoom Hand-driven zoom presents an economical 7:1 optical system. See image at left (399510-309)
Iris Diaphragm Module Provides manual 7:1 zoom while also allowing better illumination control. With Iris, you can increase depth-of-field and/or maintain more consistent image brightness across your entire field.
Detent Module Obtain specific and repeatable magnification stops throughout the 7:1 zoom range without the complexity and cost of motorization. Detents are ideal for metrology applications where each position can be calibrated.
Motorized Zoom Module Provides remote and programmable automated zoom. There are two types of motor options available...
DC Motorized Versions provide smooth continuous zoom throughout the entire 7:1 zoom range providing you with maximum imaging flexibility.
Stepper Motor Versions provide zoom homing positions for applications requiring repeatable magnification settings. Stepper Motor Modules have a companion RS232 controller that may be purchased as a self-contained unit or as an OEM Board for customized integration. All Stepper Motorized Models come complete with programmable homing sensors.
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Part # / Price
Manual adjustment of zoom factor
OQO399510309     CAD819 US$609
With iris, manual adjustment of zoom factor
OQO399610309     CAD1205  US$896
Motorized zoom adjustment, with DC motor
OQO391920    CAD1968  US$1463
Motorized zoom adjustment, with stepper motor and hall effect sensor
OQO391937    CAD2290  US$1702
With detent, manual adjustment of zoom factor
OQO391940    CAD1261  US$937
Motorized zoom adjustment, upper core with iris, with stepper motor and hall effect sensor
OQO393637    CAD4090  US$3040
With detent and iris, manual adjustment of zoom factor
OQO393940    CAD1534  US$1140
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