Zoom 70XL TV tubes
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 Posted on August 11, 2016
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Zoom 70XL TV tubesTV Tubes – Connecting the Zoom 70XL to your CCD camera simply requires a TV Tube to maintain the correct focal plane to your camera.
You can further customize the performance and configuration of your Zoom 70XL by selecting from a wide array of TV Tube configurations, mount types and magnifications.
Lower power TV Tubes provide less magnification, but greater fields-of-view on the monitor, as well as more compact system profile. Higher power TV Tubes afford additional magnification on monitor, but reduce the field-of-view increase overall system length.
All Zoom 70XL TV Tubes are interchangeable with Optem Zoom 12/TV Tubes and feature…

· Centerable standard 1.00x32 C-thread mounts (except Bayonets)
· Internal Tube focus for easier parfocality establishment
· Magnifications from 0.38X – 2.0X for maximum versatility and extended optical performance
· A variety of configurations for maximum integration flexibility:
    • Straight Standard
    • Straight Mini
    • Bayonet Mount
    • Right-Angle
    • Non-Inverting, Right-Angle
    • 180° U-Bend
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Part # / Price
TV tube 0.5X Right Angle
OQO299086    CAD625 US$465
TV tube 0.67X Right Angle
OQO299087    CAD594 US$442
TV tube 1.0X Right Angle
OQO299074    CAD500 US$372
TV tube 1.5X Right Angle
OQO299088    CAD787 US$585
TV tube 2.0X Right Angle
OQO299089    CAD703 US$523
TV tube 0.5X Right Angle Non Inverting
OQO299092    CAD994 US$739
TV tube 0.67X Right Angle Non Inverting
OQO299093    CAD994 US$739
TV tube 1.0X Right Angle Non Inverting
OQO299094    CAD787 US$585
TV tube 1.5X Right Angle Non Inverting
OQO299095    CAD994 US$739
TV tube 2.0X Right Angle Non Inverting
OQO299096    CAD994 US$739
TV tube 1.0X U-Bend
OQO299081    CAD742 US$552
TV tube 0.38X Standard
OQO299082    CAD430 US$320
TV tube 0.5X Standard
OQO299070    CAD329 US$245
TV tube 0.67X Standard
OQO299071    CAD329 US$245
TV tube 1.0X Standard
OQO299072    CAD157 US$117
TV tube 1.5X Standard
OQO299073    CAD444 US$330
TV tube 2.0X Standard
OQO299080    CAD351 US$261
TV tube 0.5X Mini
OQO299026    CAD537 US$399
TV tube 0.67X Mini
OQO299027    CAD537 US$399
TV tube 1X Mini
OQO299090    CAD430 US$320
TV tube 1.5X Mini
OQO299028    CAD537 US$399
TV tube 2.0X Mini
OQO299029    CAD464 US$345
Multi-Port TV tube, both horizontal
OQO257040    CAD831 US$618
Multi-Port TV tube 0.67X Mini
OQO257041    CAD831 US$618
Multi-Port TV tube 1X Mini
OQO257044    CAD1087  US$808
Coupler, TV tubes to Multi-Port
OQO257080    CAD210 US$156
Large format TV tube 2X T-Thread
OQO336020    CAD632 US$470
Dovetail to threaded zoom adapter
OQO330100    CAD83  US$62
T to EOS Bayonet adapter
OQO256023    CAD90  US$67
T to F-Mount adapter
OQO256024    CAD65  US$48
T to C-Mount adapter
OQO256025    CAD164 US$122
T to 4/3 in Bayonet adapter
OQO256026    CAD90  US$67
TV tube 1.5X F-mount Bayonet
OQO297704    CAD418 US$311
TV tube 2.0X ˝in Eng Bayonet
OQO297702    CAD418 US$311
TV tube 1.5X ˝in Eng Bayonet
OQO297703    CAD460 US$342
TV tube 2.0X ˝in Sony Bayonet
OQO297701    CAD460 US$342
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