Lower Function modules for Zoom 70XL
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 Posted on August 10, 2016
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Select from 10 Lower Function Modules to provide a variety of focus, illumination and magnification options to your Optem® Zoom 70XL system.
Zoom 70XL Lower Function modulesStandard Module, pictured at left A cost-effective means of configuring a Zoom System when internal focus or coaxial illumination  are not required.

Zoom 70XL Internal Focus Module
Internal Focus Module, pictured at right Ideal for applications without focusable support systems. Provides the ability to focus over a 10mm axial distance at the object.
Zoom 70XL Coaxial Illumination ModuleCoaxial Illumination Module These Modules provide a port for the injection of incidental light. Available with Internal 10mm Focus in manual or motorized options.

Wide-Angle Vertical Illuminator Module This 0.8X Module is designed to fully illuminate fields up to 25mm.
Zoom 70XL Variable Working Distance Auxiliary Lens Module
Variable Working Distance Auxiliary Lens Module, pictured at left Intended for applications requiring working distances between 127mm (5) and 432mm (17). Covers magnification factors 0.288X at 127mm, and 0.109X at 432mm.
Download Variable WD Aux Lens Specs.pdf (.02MB)

Zoom 70XL Infinity-Corrected Objective Module
Infinity-Corrected Objective Module Incorporate Infinity-Corrected Objectives utilizing one of four Objective Lower Function Modules. All are equipped with M26 x 36 tpi threads to accept Optem, Mitutoyo objectives, and workalikes. These Modules can be converted back to standard optical performance with a 2X Conversion Lens.
An RMS thread adapter is available for use with Nikon and Olympus Objectives.
Zoom 125C Lower Modules can be coupled to Z70XL Modular Upper Cores with the help of this adapter: 33-03-63.
Some are motorized like 30-14-37 with COAX illumination, 5 mm fine focus, stepper motor and hall effect sensor. Since the dual motorized non modular Zoom 70XL are not listed any more that would be the only way left to build a 70XL system with both zoom and focus motorized and computer controlled.
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