70XL Auxiliary Lenses & Adapters
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 Posted on August 07, 2016
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Auxiliary lenses and adapters give you a lot more options to match the special needs of your application with your Optem® Zoom 70XL system.
Auxiliary Lenses - The Zoom 70XL offers a range of reducing and magnifying auxiliary lenses to provide you with further flexibility surrounding field-of-view or NA. To maintain maximum resolution, we recommend low power TV Tubes rather than reducing Auxiliary Lenses to increase field-of-view. A Right-Angle Adapter can be used to redirect your image by 90 below the zoom. There are two reducing Auxiliary Lenses that are exclusively used with the Right-Angle Adapter.
Long Working Distance objectives as front end - By simply adding an adapter and Mitutoyo style objective you can promote your Zoom 70XL to the level of much higher priced research scopes.

Optem High Resolution objectives with their high NA values relative to magnification offer a significant advantage when used in combination with the 70XL zoom modules.
Infinity-Corrected Objectives Incorporate Infinity-Corrected Objectives from various manufacturers with M26 x 36 tpi threads. Adapter can accept Optem, Mitutoyo, and workalikes objectives.
Adapters for Nikon and RMS threaded objrectives enable many specialized applications and offer even more versatility.
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Part # / Price
Adapter to mount auxiliary lens
OQO299901    CAD95  US$70
Amplifier 2X
OQO293042    CAD263 US$194
Amplifier 3X
OQO293043    CAD388 US$286
Amplifier 4X
OQO293044    CAD388 US$286
Zoom 70XL Core Coupler to Zoom 125C Function Modules
OQO330363    CAD202 US$149
Right angle module
OQO299066    CAD421 US$310
Dual magnification module
OQO299067    CAD1226  US$904
Dovetail assembly connects to M25 x 0.75
OQO299066302     CAD172 US$127
Objectives coupler to Mitutoyo style objectives
OQO299066303     CAD172 US$127
Assembly, 70XL adapter ring
OQO299066304     CAD172 US$127
Objectives coupler to DIN (RMS) objectives
OQO299066305     CAD172 US$127
Zoom 125 lower module coupler
OQO299066306     CAD172 US$127
Coaxial block
OQO299067310     CAD731 US$539
Convertible auxiliary lens, 0.18X, WD=453.4mm and 0.25X, WD = 300.9mm
OQO292009    CAD284 US$209
Auxiliary lens 0.5X, WD = 178 mm
OTS292038    CAD258 US$190
Auxiliary lens 0.75X, WD = 114 mm
OQO292039    CAD258 US$190
Auxiliary lens 1.5X, WD = 2.08in / 52.7 mm
OQO292040    CAD258 US$190
Auxiliary lens 2.0X, WD = 1.26in / 32 mm
OQO292041    CAD369 US$272
Auxiliary lens with male / female threading 0.5X, WD = 178 mm
OQO292016    CAD369 US$272
Auxiliary lens with male / female threading 0.75X, WD = 114 mm
OQO292017    CAD195 US$144
Right angle adapter for installation below zoom, 1X
OQO299059    CAD289 US$213
Quarter wave plate
OQO296901    CAD567 US$418
OQO296902    CAD494 US$364
2X conversion lens, FMOS to 70XL auxiliary lenses
OQO292031    CAD316 US$233
Adapter from objective lower module Mitutoyo to RMS threading
OQO292032    CAD103 US$76
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