Zoom 70XL Illumination
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 Posted on August 11, 2016
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Coaxial Illumination Coaxial Illuminators project cool, white light perpendicularly onto the specimen. Coaxial illumination is most useful on highly reflective subjects, as it provides maximum intensity control.
Optem® VSI Fiber Optic Illuminators VSI Illuminators are available in 110V or 220V, these compact, lightweight lamphouses yield remote illumination via a 40 or 60 fiber optic cable.
Halogen Illuminators An economical light source alternative to brighter fiber optic illumination for coaxial-equipped Zoom 70XL Lower Function Modules.
Zoom 70XL Polarized Light modules
Polarized Light Coaxial Modules with built-in Analyzers are available to introduce polarized light to your Zoom 70XL.
More about using polarized light.
Zoom 70XL COAX illumination accessories
Optem® LF Coax Accessory Specifically designed to evenly illuminate a broader 50mm field, the LF (Large-Field) Coax Accessory is intended for use with a 0.5X or 0.25X Auxiliary Lens where the added working distance will accommodate the reduced space requirements.

Low Profile Coaxial Lamphouse - When facing extreme space constraints with Coaxial Illumination, Qioptiq Imaging Solutions offers a Low-Profile Right Angle Coax Port for use on Optem® FMOS, Zoom 70XL, NIR Zoom 70XL and Zoom 12/Optical Systems. This space saving option reduces the lamphouse arm length by 10mm and receives the coax cable from above (in parallel with the lens barrel), eliminating the fiber optic cable radius (50mm). The Low-Profile Right Angle Coax Port replaces the existing Fiber Optic Lamphouse (included on Coaxial Bottom Module).

Zoom 70XL Apodization Filters
Apodization Filters For your machine vision and automated inspection applications, improve the algorithmic efficiency and accuracy of your Zoom 12 with an Optem® Apodization Filter. These Filters integrate directly into the illumination arm of coaxial lower function modules for Optem® Zoom 70XL, Zoom 12/ and Zoom 160 Optical Systems.
Zoom 12/Oblique Illumination - Oblique (or ring) Illumination is generally used on 3-D objects to cast light rays at an angle onto the object, thus better defining its dimension.
Horizontal & Vertical Ring Lights Ideal for general purpose lighting applications, the fiber optic cable either exits the ring light horizontally at 90 off vertical, or vertically at 30 off vertical resulting in valuable space savings. A specific Objective Ring Light is required when incorporating oblique illumination with Infinity-Corrected Objectives.

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Part # / Price
Variable transformer, 110 V to 6 Volt
OQO276007    CAD300 US$223
Variable transformer, 220 V to 6 Volt
OQO276017    CAD300 US$223
Right Angle Coax adapter
OQO296913    CAD399 US$297
Fiberoptic illuminator with 6ft cable
OQO29602506    CAD359 US$267
Horizontal ring light
OQO296081    CAD658 US$489
Light source 150 W 110V
OQO296083    CAD1015  US$755
Light source 150 W 220V
OQO296084    CAD1015  US$755
OQO296902    CAD490 US$364
Fiber optic adapter 10 mm for use with 301640 and 301660
OQO301601    CAD74  US$55
Fiber optic lamp house assembly
OQO301602    CAD160 US$119
Fiber optic flex cable 40in - 100 cm
OQO301640    CAD221 US$164
Ring light for infinity objectives, please phone for availability and pricing
OQO301650    CAD613 US$456
Fiber optic flex cable 60" - 1.5 m
OQO301660    CAD453 US$337
Vertical ring light
OQO301670    CAD598 US$445
Ring light adapter for 70XL
OQO330303    CAD167 US$124
Low Profile coaxial lamp house assembly, right angle
OQO330400    CAD385 US$286
Coaxial LED illuminator 1 W straight
OQO396010    CAD511 US$380
LED controller, single channel programmable
OQO396010810     CAD339 US$252
LED illuminator 1 W right angle
OQO396020    CAD685 US$509
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