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 Posted on 7/9/09


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50X objective, part # OKHSL50: To check out the scope under realistic conditions we did acquire some surplus wafers in 6. The wafers look to be some test versions, maybe for setting up a production run. We will redo these images when we get hold of a wafer in a more finished state and with finer design rules.
The digital camera used is a Moticam 2500 with 5 Megapixel. The camera package did include all adapters needed for this project and then some, no additional parts necessary. All images were captured at 648 x 486.

Objective used: M Plan APO 50x NA=0.42 WD=20.5 mm Metallurgical objective.
The relatively low NA of 0.42 is an obstacle at high magnification.

Field of view through eyepieces versus actual size of acquired camera image:
We used 10X eyepieces (FN 20) and eyepiece micrometer (5 mm in 100 units, 0.05 mm per unit) plus reflective stage micrometer (1mm divided in 100 parts, 0.01 mm between line centers) to determine magnification.
Field of view through eyepieces versus actual size of acquired camera image:
By comparing feature size seen through the eyepieces with the captured image we did estimate the image size to be approximately 7.4 mm wide by 5 mm high, much smaller than the field viewed through the eyepieces with 20 mm diameter. Displayed images are according to Photoshop at 141 x 121 mm (5.556 x 4.764) at standard 72 dpi . Actual size as viewed on your screen depends on monitor and screen resolution but will be smaller in most cases. In all cases images are considerably larger then the same area viewed through the eyepieces

Captured image size was 648 x 486. Color balanced was optimized. A strip of a stage micrometer picture - 70 pixels high, acquired at same settings - was added at the bottom. The resulting image was scaled to 400 x 343. Image sizes are between 33 - 64 KB.

By removing the zoom module and related parts - takes about 2 minutes - you end up with a compound scope with fixed 500X magnification. Here is a comparison using the same 50X objective for both approaches.

Zoom setting / Magnification in eyepieces


0.7 / 511X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 0.7 zoom, 511X magnification

1.0 / 714X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 1.0 zoom, 714X magnification

1.5 / 1075X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 1.5 zoom, 1075X magnification

2.0 / 1383X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 2.0 zoom, 1383X magnification

2.5 / 1775X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 2.5 zoom, 1775X magnification

3.0 / 2100X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 3.0 zoom, 2100X magnification

3.5 / 2475X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 3.5 zoom, 2475X magnification

4.0 / 2900X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 4.0 zoom, 2900X magnification

4.5X / 3250X

50X objective, part # OKHSL50, 4.5 zoom, 3250X magnification

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