Navitar 12X Ultra Zoom manual
 Posted on April 02, 2012
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Navitar 12:1 manual UltraZoomCombine Infinity-Corrected Objectives for Maximum Resolution and Magnification – The 12X UltraZoom (1-50502) is a high performance system ideal for semiconductor inspection, flow cytometry, or other high magnification applications. Its advanced design offers high resolution and outstanding contrast. This system incorporates infinity corrected objectives to provide long working distances and excellent edge flatness and clarity. The system’s resolution exceeds 1,650 lines per mm, depending on the oManual UltraZoom bodies with COAX illumination (left) and fine focus adjustmentbjective used. The UltraZoom is also available with fine focus (1-50504) or with fine focus and co-axial illumination (1-50503).
Image at left shows manual Ultrazoom body tube with adapter, Mitutoyo LWD objective and adapter for C-mount camera.
Image at right displays manual UltraZoom bodies with COAX illumination (lefthand) and fine focus adjustment.
Here is the Field of View matrix for 1-50502. 1-50503, 1-50504 UltraZoom bodies
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    Part # / Price
    12x UltraZoom, Non FF
    1-50502    £947 US$1487
    12X UltraZoom, Non FF, Aperture
    1-50502A     £1149 US$1804
    12X UltraZoom, Non FF, Aperture, Detent
    1-50502AD    £1317  US$2068
    12X UltraZoom, Non FF, Detent
    1-50502D     £1093 US$1717
    12X UltraZoom, 12 mm FF
    1-50504    £1091  US$1713
    12X UltraZoom, 12 mm FF, Aperture
    1-50504A     £1286 US$2020
    12X UltraZoom, 12 mm FF, Aperture, Detent
    1-50504AD    £1527  US$2398
    12X UltraZoom, 12 mm FF, Detent
    1-50504D     £1224 US$1923
    12X UltraZoom, 3 mm FF, Coax
    1-50503    £1230  US$1932
    12X UltraZoom, 3 mm FF, Coax, Aperture
    1-50503A     £1454 US$2284
    12X UltraZoom, 3 mm FF, Coax, Aperture, Detent
    1-50503AD    £1622  US$2548
    12X UltraZoom, 3 mm FF, Coax, Detent
    1-50503D     £1384 US$2174
    12X UltraZoom, Non FF, Coax
    1-51139    £1205  US$1892
    12X UltraZoom, Non FF, Coax, Aperture
    1-51139A     £1510 US$2372
    12X UltraZoom, Non FF, Coax, Aperture, Detent
    1-51139AD    £1622  US$2548
    12X UltraZoom, Non FF, Coax, Detent
    1-51139D     £1331 US$2090
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