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 Posted on April 02, 2012
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Zoom 70XL TV tubesTV Tubes – Connecting the Zoom 12X to your camera simply requires a TV Tube to maintain the correct focal plane to your camera.
You can further customize the performance and configuration of your Zoom 12X by selecting from a wide array of TV Tube configurations, mount types and magnifications.
Lower power TV Tubes provide less magnification, but greater fields-of-view on the monitor, as well as more compact system profile. Higher power TV Tubes afford additional magnification on monitor, but reduce the field-of-view and increase overall system length.
All Zoom 12X TV Tubes originate from the Zoom 6000 line and can be used interchangable…

· Centerable standard 1.00x32 C-thread mounts (except Bayonets)
· Internal Tube focus for easier parfocality establishment
· Total magnifications range from 0.07X – 583X for maximum versatility and extended optical performance
· A variety of configurations for maximum integration flexibility:
    • Mini
    • Short
    • Standard length
    • F-mount adapter tubes
    • Illumination adapter
Mini, short, and standard adfapter tubes with C-mount camera interfacePlease contact us with any questions.
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Part # / Price
0.67X Standard Adapter
1-6020     £150  US$235
1.0X Standard Adapter
1-6015     £55 US$87
1.0X Standard Adapter - Telescoping
1-6218     £107  US$168
2.0X Standard Adapter
1-6030     £144  US$226
5.0X Standard Adapter
1-6105     £258  US$405
0.67X Mini Adapter - Telescoping
1-61001    £258 US$405
1.0X Mini Adapter - No thread. Standard back focus adjustment
1-61400    £258 US$405
1.33X Mini Adapter - Telescoping
1-61387    £320 US$502
2.0X Mini Adapter
1-62136    £343 US$539
2.0X Mini Adapter - Telescoping
1-61390    £361 US$567
1.0X Short Adapter
1-6245     £225  US$353
2.0X Short Adapter
1-6233     £225  US$353
3.5X Short Adapter
1-62831    £560 US$879
External Illumination Adapter for 12X
2-50016    £144 US$226
2X F-mount Adapter Tube
1-62922    £314 US$493
2X F-mount Adapter Tube for Right Angle
1-63218    £308 US$484
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