Navitar 12X RA/NIRA Body Tubes
 Posted on April 02, 2012
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Right Angle (RA) and Non-Inverting (NIRA) Body TubesRight Angle (RA) and Non-Inverting Right Angle (NIRA) Adapter Tubes An adapter tube is a required component for the complete Zoom 12X system. When combined with the C-mount coupler, the adapter tube places the camera sensor at the optical image plane of the zoom system.
Right Angle (RA) adapters introduce a 90 bend in the optical axis, shortening the overall length of the system. The resulting image will be mirrored, thus erect and read backwards from right to left when viewed with a camera. Right Angle adapters are available in magnification ranges from 0.71X to 5.0X.
Non-Inverting Right Angle (NIRA) adapter introduces a 90 bend in the optical axis, however the use of a penta prism results in an image that is erect and reads left to right. NIRA adapters must be fitted to the Zoom 6000 body tubes in order to maintain path length. NIRA adapters are available in magnification ranges from 0.67X to 5.0X.

Centerable standard 1.00x32 C-thread mounts (except Bayonets)
Internal Tube focus for easier parfocality establishment
Magnifications range from 0.07X 583X for maximum versatility and extended optical performance
A variety of configurations for maximum integration flexibility:
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    Part # / Price
    0.71X Right Angle Tube
    1-60060    258 US$405
    1.0X Right Angle Tube
    1-6118     67 US$106
    2X F-mount Adapter tube for Right Angle
    1-63218_12Xa     308 US$484
    1.0X Right Angle Tube - Telescoping
    1-61997    156 US$245
    2.0X Right Angle Tube
    1-6120     144  US$226
    5.0X Right Angle Tube
    1-6187     195  US$306
    Right Angle Mount-Requires right angle adapter tubes
    1-6080     174  US$273
    0.67X Non Inverting Right Angle Tube
    1-60172    141 US$221
    1.0X Non Inverting Right Angle Tube
    1-60175    107 US$168
    1.0X Non Inverting Right Angle Tube - Telescoping
    1-60182    171 US$268
    2.0X Non Inverting Right Angle Tube
    1-60185    174 US$273
    5.0X Non Inverting Right Angle Adapter
    1-60188    258 US$405
    Non Inverting Right Angle Mount w/ Prism-Requires NIRA adapter tubes
    1-60165    281 US$442
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