Navitar Zoom 12X Mounting
 Posted on April 02, 2012
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Mounting options for Navitar Zoom 12X systems.
Whether your application calls for using the Zoom 12X as a stand-alone benchtop research instrument or as an integrated component in your OEM vision system, available mounting options allow for streamlined integration and needed image stability.
Adapter Plate for 84 mm diameter  focus block
Microscope Stand Mounts Zoom 12X can be mounted on a variety of major brand microscope stands from Nikon, Olympus, Meiji Techno, and Leica by using available adapters.
Stands with 76, 82, 84 mm mounting diameter are supported. For example 84 mm is used by Meiji Techno on all
stands for the EMZ stereo zoom scopes. In addition some low cost manufacturers use this dimension. Also, we carry bare focus blocks with 84 mm dia with either coarse or coarse/fine adjustment for higher magnification. You will need a pole for mounting. Meiji Techno uses 20mm dia poles. Other focus blocks are available with 25 or 26 mm dia pole mount.
Mounting clamp 1-6270
Universal mounting clamp - for mounting to flat surfaces (1-6270), attaches to tube. See image at right.
Flat Mounting Flat mounting Motorized Zoom 12X maximizes stability and image quality in applications that are susceptible to vibration. See Flat Mount (1-51272) at left.
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Part # / Price
76 mm Adapter Plate for 12:1 zoom tube
1-50228    129 US$202
82 mm Adapter Plate for 12:1 zoom tube
1-50232    129 US$202
84 mm Adapter Plate for 12:1 zoom tube, fits Meiji Techno focus blocks
1-50230    129 US$202
B&L/Leica Adapter Plate for 12:1 zoom tube
1-50226    129 US$202
Flat Mount for 12:1 zoom tube
1-51272    86  US$135
Universal Mounting Clamp
1-6270     89 US$140
Other Mounting Options
Pole type stand complete with focus block
DH12SFC45    139 US$219
Pole type stand, no focus block
DH12S    63  US$99
Focus block with coarse adjustment
DH12FC45     82 US$129
Focus block with coarse and fine adjustment, 45 mm dia mounting for zoom
VFCF45     184  US$289
Focus block with coarse and fine adjustment, 45 mm dia mounting for zoom, 38 mm dia pole mount bracket
VF38CF45     305  US$479
Focus block with coarse and fine adjustment, 45 mm dia mounting for zoom, flange mount
VFMCF45    350 US$549
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