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 Posted on January 14, 2014






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Navitar 12:1 manual zoom bodiesBody Tubes The 12X Zoom system body tube contains the core zoom mechanism and determines the mechanical nature of your zoom system. Body Tubes may be zoom or non-zoom configurations. Options include:

Manual Zoom Modules: Designed to offer flexibility in a variety of imaging applications when an automated system is not necessary. Manual adjustment of the zoom and focus allow the user to change the field of view and regain focus when the sample they are imaging changes size.

Apertures: The aperture function allows the user to adjust the amount of light that flows through the system without adjusting light source intensity. The aperture also can improve depth of field when it is adjusted properly.

Detents: Obtain specific "stops" throughout the zoom range by selecting a body tube with Detents. Typically used in measuring systems where each position may be calibrated. Pre-set stops are located at 1X, 2X, 3X and 4X on the zoom scale.

Fine Focus:  For applications without separate moving support systems, the Fine Focus body tubes offer focus over a 3 mm (coaxial models only) or a 12 mm (non-coaxial models) Fine Focus axial distance at the object. Available in manual and motorized versions.

Motorized Drive: Automated, motorized control of the zoom and fine focus can be requested. Accurate and repeatable positions can be achieved.  Several configurations exist to allow you to flexible options. 

Coaxial Illumination:  Coaxial / on axis illumination is most effective when imaging flat specular surfaces. By integrating the coaxial illumination port, a collimated, diffuse and uniform illumination source is integrated into a zoom lens.

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    Part # / Price

    12X Zoom, Non Fine Focus

    1-50330    CAD1578  US$1420

    12X Zoom, Non Fine Focus, Aperture

    1-50330A     CAD1961  US$1765

    12X Zoom, Non Fine Focus, Aperture, Detent

    1-50330AD    CAD2286  US$2057

    12X Zoom, Detent

    1-50330D     CAD1867  US$1680

    12X Zoom, 12 mm Fine Focus

    1-50486    CAD1773  US$1595

    12X Zoom, 12 mm Fine Focus, Aperture

    1-50486A     CAD2151  US$1936

    12X Zoom, 12 mm Fine Focus, Aperture, Detent

    1-50486AD    CAD2490  US$2241

    12X Zoom, 12 mm Fine Focus, Detent

    1-50486D     CAD2049  US$1844

    12X Zoom, 3 mm Fine Focus, Coax

    1-50487    CAD2131  US$1918

    12X Zoom, 3 mm Fine Focus, Coax, Aperture

    1-50487A     CAD2532  US$2278

    12X Zoom, 3 mm Fine Focus, Coax, Aperture, Detent

    1-50487AD    CAD2849  US$2564

    12X Zoom, 3 mm Fine Focus, Coax, Detent

    1-50487D     CAD2269  US$2042

    12X Telecentric Zoom Attachment, Detent

    1-50993D     CAD2151  US$1936

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