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 Posted on April 07, 2014


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Connecting your SLR camera to a trinocular tube of any Meiji microscopeEquipment to connect Meiji Techno’s   microscopes to 35 mm SLR cameras.

Capturing video or photographic images through Meiji Techno microscopes is a very common and relatively straightforward practice.

Nearly all Meiji Techno microscopes are available in trinocular models designed for just this purpose.

The connection scheme at left or the components listed below will allow you to mount your 35mm film or digital SLR camera on any of Meiji Techno’s trinocular model microscopes.

The following equipment is required to use a 35MM SLR camera for photomicrography:

1: Select a MA150 series camera attachment for your microscope model.

2: Select the T2 adapter ring matching your 35 mm SLR camera model.

3: Select one of the photo eyepieces with the magnification to match the sensor od your SLR camera.


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Part # / Price

MA150 series camera attachment


Camera attachment for ST, STC, BM stereos

MA150/05     $92  CAD103

Camera attachment for SK, BMK, EMF, EMT, EMX stereos

MA150/10     $92  CAD103

Camera attachment for TM200, TM400 series

MA150/20     $92  CAD103

Camera attachment for all Meiji Techno trinocular stereo and trinocular compound microscopes

MA150/50     $92  CAD103

Camera attachment with focusing eyepiece finder for all Meiji Techno trinocular stereo and trinocular compound microscopes.

MA150/60     $654 CAD733

Camera attachment for EMZ-1, EMZ-2, EMZ-5, EMZ-5TR, EMZ-8U, EMZ-8TR, EMZ-10, 90.00 EMZ-12, EMZ-13 zoom stereo bodies

MA150/80     $92  CAD103

Photo eyepieces


Photo eyepiece 1.9X

MA986    $202 CAD226

Photo eyepiece 2.5X

MA512    $125 CAD140

Photo eyepiece 1.9X

MA508    $125 CAD140

Photo eyepiece 3.3X with 19mm diameter reticle mount

MA500    $125 CAD140

T2 camera adapter rings


Adapter ring for Canon

T2-1     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Minolta

T2-2     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Pentax K

T2-3     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Pentax S. threaded

T2-4     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Nikon

T2-5     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Olympus

T2-6     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Contax, Yashika

T2-7     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Konica

T2-8     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Canon EOS, auto focus

T2-9     $56 CAD63

Adapter ring for Minolta Alpha camera, Maxim 2000

T2-10    $56  CAD63

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