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 Posted on April 06, 2015





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Meiji EMZ-5 Binocular ZoomStereo Microscope, PK stand, 10X eyepiecesOptical components for the RZ Series include the RZ-B zoom body, viewing heads, eyepieces, and objective lenses.
These components are required in any complete RZ system.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if this selection doesn’t meet your needs.
Tell us about your application and we will propose a solution.
We will send a quote, will advise on selected parts and might offer suitable alternatives if available. If necessary we will consult with Meiji and take advantage of their vast experience. Our goal is to offer you the best scope for your application and work environment, backed by the manufacturers life time warranty.

Here is an application for avid stamp collectors:
Measuring features like dimensions of openings and angles of cutouts with very high precision, using a Meiji stero zoom scope plus digital camera.

Please contact us for your configuration.

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Part # / Price

Body for RZ series


RZ Zoom body with focus block, 1:10 zoom ratio

RZ-B     CAD2604  US$2024

Viewing Heads for RZ series


RZ Standard Binocular head, 45° inclined

MA748    CAD754 US$586

RZ Ergonomic binocular head, adjustable from 10° to 50°

MA749    CAD3090  US$2402

Eyepieces for RZ series


UWF10X Eyepiece, high-eyepoint, focusable, FN 24 (Each)

MA730    CAD315 US$245

UWF10X Eyepiece, high-eyepoint, focusable, with crossline reticule, FN 24 (Each)

MA731    CAD383 US$298

UWF15X Eyepiece, high-eyepoint, focusable, FN 17 (Each)

MA732    CAD315 US$245

UWF15X Eyepiece, high-eyepoint, focusable, with crossline reticule, FN 17 (Each)

MA733    CAD383 US$298

UWF20X Eyepiece, high-eyepoint, focusable, FN 12 (Each)

MA734    CAD315 US$245

UWF20X Eyepiece, high-eyepoint, focusable, with crossline reticule, FN 12 (Each)

MA735    CAD383 US$298

Eyeshields for RZ series


Eyeshields for 10x eyepieces (paired)

MA768    CAD17  US$13

Eyeshields for UWF15X (paired)

MA769    CAD17  US$13

Eyeshields for UWF20X (paired)

MA770    CAD17  US$13

Objectives for RZ series


Plan objective 0.5X for RZ-B W.D. 164 mm

MA740    CAD819 US$637

Plan objective 0.75X, for RZ-B W.D. 101 mm

MA741    CAD819 US$637

Plan objective 1.0X, for RZ-B W.D. 76 mm

MA742    CAD870 US$676

Plan objective 1.5X, for RZ-B W.D. 43 mm

MA743    CAD946 US$735

Plan objective 2.0X, for RZ-B W.D. 29 mm

MA744    CAD946 US$735

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