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 Posted on December 05, 2015
GEMZ-8TR-SVH Trinocular Gemology MicroscopeMeiji Techno’s GEM Professional Series Stereo microscopes.
Trinocular GEMOLOGY Microscope with EMZ-8TR body, inclinable and rotatable standSometimes you need brightfield support in addition to the standard darkfield for GEM scopes. These scopes let you switch back and forth between both illumination modes.
Professional GEM stand for EMZ body with built-in brightfield/darkfield 30 W transmitted light illumination system, inclineableThen you will need this stand, the first item on the page for GEM stands.
Here is a link to the detail page for the BF-DF stand
Fluorescent illuminator, 110V or 220/240V depending on transformerHigh quality fluorescent illumination is quite important for a GEM scope.
Included transformer can support 110V or 220/240V operation.
Alternative GEM scopes are also offered from other manufacturers like Motic.
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