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9.2:1 Zoom Range Stereo microscope

 Posted on February 02, 2011


Stereo Zoom microscope with 6.5X - 60X magnificationNeed a Stereo Zoom microscope with high zoom range?
This scope comes complete with stand, transmitted and reflected illumination, both adjustable, trinocular head with 10X eyepieces and two photo tubes.
You get a high performance zoom scope with these special features:

  1. A zoom range of 9.2 covers 6.5X to 60X total magnification with standard 10X eyepiececes. Most important, this scope stays focussed, no need to continously refocus when changing the zoom factor. Just adjust focus at maximum magnification and have a focussed image throughout the range, right down to low magnification.
  2. The 10X eyepieces supplied have a field size of 23 mm, giving you a large field of view.
  3. Bright and even illumination, independently adjustable for transmitted and reflected light, gets the most out of the well designed optics.
  4. 6 positive click stops distributed over the whole zoom range allow for easy comparison with exact same magnification.
  5. Trinocular scope comes with 1X (no lens) tube for standard 23.2 mm dia trinocular tube. That will work with many low cost USB cameras. If you own a C-mount device then the included 0.5X C-mount adapter (typically used with CMOS or CCD sensors) makes installation easy..
  6. Standard accessories like clear and black/white stage plates, spare bulbs and dust cover are included.
  7. Optional accessories like 15X (FN15) and 20X (FN13) eyepieces and auxiliary lenses (0.5X, 0.75X, 1.5X, 2X) are readily available.

Since this Stereo Zoom Microscope shares some dimensions with other high end scopes there are plenty of additional upgrade options when accessories are not available from the scope supplier.
Magnification can be increased with 15X, 20X, 25X, 30X eyepieces and - with some reduction in working distance - with 1.5X and 2X auxiliary lenses. You can drive magnification to a maximum of 360X with 30X eyepieces and a 2X auxiliary lens. We tried that and the result is acceptable. The tradeoffs are:

  • Reduced viewing field size with higher magnification eyepieces
  • Darker image with less contrast
  • Magnification does not keep up with resolution

These are problems effecting all stereo zoom scopes to some degree. Magnification of 150X or more is really the domain of compound scopes.
For some work you will need less magnification, 5X or 7.5X eyepieces are an option. Selecting auxiliary lenses below 1X (0.3X, 0.44X, 0.5X, 0.75X) reduces magnification as well. Most importantly, it increases working distance, to a maximum of 250 mm with a 0.3X lens. If you need to manually assemble some small item at the bottom of a 150 mm tall part you will need some 100 mm clearance to get in with your hands and tools, hence the availability of a maximum of 250 mm WD.
External illumination, for example with fluorescent / LED ringlights or fiberoptic light guides can enhance visibility and contrast for special applications.

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Part # / Price

Wide Zoom Range Stereo microscope


Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with 9.2 zoom range, includes stand with Dual adjustable illumination, 10X eyepieces

PS-330G    CAD876 US$869

Alternative eyepieces


Super Widefield Eyepiece 5X (paired)

MA501    CAD135 US$134

Super Widefield Eyepiece 7.5X (paired)

MA718    CAD135 US$134

Super Widefield Eyepiece 10X (paired)

MA502    CAD135 US$134

Super Widefield Eyepiece 12.5X (paired)

MA520    CAD135 US$134

Super Widefield Eyepiece 15X (paired)

MA503    CAD135 US$134

Super Widefield Eyepiece 15X, per unit

EW15305    CAD42  US$42

HSWF15X High-eyepoint, Super Widefield Eyepiece (pr)

MA535    CAD161 US$160

Super Widefield Eyepiece 20X (paired)

MA504    CAD135 US$134

Super Widefield Eyepiece 20X, per unit

EW20305    CAD48  US$48

Super Widefield Eyepiece 30X (paired)

MA521    CAD161 US$160

Super Widefield Focusing Eyepiece 10X (each)

MA519    CAD170 US$169

Auxiliary Lenses


Auxiliary Lens 0.3X, Working Distance 251 mm

MA530    CAD117 US$116

Auxiliary Lens 0.44X, Working Distance 171 mm

MA525    CAD117 US$116

Auxiliary Lens 0.5X, Working Distance 148 mm

MA517    CAD117 US$116

Auxiliary Lens 0.5X, Working Distance estimated at 150 mm

AL0505075    CAD73  US$72

Auxiliary Lens 0.75X, Working Distance 97 mm

MA526    CAD117 US$116

Auxiliary Lens 0.75X, Working Distance estimated at 100 mm

AL0755075    CAD73  US$72

Auxiliary Lens 1.5X, Working Distance 49 mm

MA507    CAD117 US$116

Auxiliary Lens 1.55X, Working Distance estimated at 52 mm

AL1505075    CAD73  US$72

Auxiliary Lens 2.0X, Working Distance 33 mm

MA511    CAD117 US$116

Auxiliary Lens 2.0X, Working Distance estimated at 36 mm

AL2005075    CAD73  US$72

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